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About Me
  “A few years ago I became ill and was diagnosed as suffering from chronic fatigue. At that time I was so weak I could not even squeeze out my toothpaste in the morning. I tried several therapies from massage to kinesiology, and quite by chance I was offered a session of hypnotherapy. For me it was like a light bulb had been switched on in my mind and I started to improve, small steps but always moving forward.

I was so impressed by the effectiveness of hypnotherapy that I went on to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist graduating in 2007 with a diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and in 2008 gained my practitioner diploma in clinical hypnosis followed by a practitioner diploma in cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy in 2009.

I have set up my clinic in the little village of Mickleby just 6 miles from Whitby. This is a wonderfully peaceful place to work from, and as stress features highly in most of the complaints I treat, it offers an ideal place to relax.”