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“When I had my second child I was determined to have a home birth with my family present. I learnt several relaxation and meditation techniques and was confident that I could and would have a wonderful birth experience. It was amazing and the ‘space' that I was in during the birth I recognise now as a natural hypnotic trance.”

Hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth using hypnosis you can learn how to relax your body to such a point that there is little or no tension in your muscles. When your body is totally relaxed during a contraction then
1 All your energy is channelled to your uterus.
2 Your blood pressure stays low
3 Your breathing is more effective.
4 Baby is receiving more oxygen so can help more effectively.
5 The muscles of your uterus have no competition, from tension in other muscles.

Learning self hypnosis is a very important part of the first session enabling you to achieve this state of focused relaxation whenever and wherever you need it. For childbirth preparation three sessions are recommended three sessions, but even just one session where you learn self hypnosis will make a positive difference.